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Tokyo Street Style No.7

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Whenever I'm void of inspiration and imagination , Asian street style never fails to buoy my impulses. It has been Yonks since I've last hatched together an Asian street style post. Tokyo Yabai ~ !!

Clear mirrored sunglasses with matching colored earrings + 80's inspired hat and shoes.

B & W structured dress + white tassel necklace - complemented with the backdrop

Work like overalls industrial numbered stencil on pockets + mini bowtie + green & transparent clutch

 Sport chic + polka dots + pearls dig the little bag clipped to the waist

Funky adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Leopard Tail Sneakers

Black + Red Combo

Retro Ghost-busters Tee - I WANT one !!

 B & W outfit - Balmain shirt + mirrored sunglasses + hat

Denim on denim + Frida Kahlo Tee

Photo's courtesy of  DropTokyo + RidSnap 

Tokyo Walk Way No. 5

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Name: si oux Top: The Sasaduka Bottoms: EMODA Shoes: Koenji unique accessories and chain by Arutorabaiorensu

Name: Keita De constructed customized denim jacket and shorts. With red hints of Adidas shoes and bowtie and Cap de Gaulle styled hat.

Over-sized trench coat, providing the same accent colour of the deer like ear-muffs, decorated in beige colour.

Name: Yu Min Red hints inserted at strategic points, against the black accent - dark fairytale look.

Asian street-style eternally sparks and awakens my imaginativeness and mind trip. 

Images courtesy of Fashionsnap Rid Street Snap Scrapture and Droptokyo

Tokyo Walk Way No. 4

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The versatile stylish DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, behind the brand GIZA , is once again rabble rousing in her get-up. From her floor length trench coat to her favourite label KTZ. See my previous posts on Mademoiselle Yulia. The third photo with DJ Peli, Tokyo's party scene mascot a stylist and model by day. Fifth photo with Takada whom works for Candy, wearing House of Holland jacket and CAMILLA SKOVGAARD shoes.

Photo's courtesy of Dropsnap

Tokyo Walk Way No. 3

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The people of Tokyo as per natural been mining it's taste in Savour Faire Fashion, as always I am enamoured with Asian habiliment. Fuyuri in the first photo wears a funkdafied dress with a plush print and the hue of gold accompanied with gold statement jewellery, captured in the neighbouring Shinjuku Tokyo area. Fashion Icon DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, keeping faithful to her love of Joyrich, KTZ and Jeremey Scott and her fashion brand GIZA. The Zip Chain necklace in the fourth photo, projects the outfit combined with the cut-out top and mesh leggings. Excizzorating 80's New York punk, is there anything more thrilling than donning new wave colours like in the fourth photo!?!

A bottle of Coca-Cola + Mini Mouse not forgetting the spiky shoes with asymmetrical red strip and side spun hat, on the subject of hat's and head wear, the guy below seems to have either created or donned on a lopping blue and red thrilling hair piece attached with a mini bell accompanied with a matching colour braided Alice band and aviators, I have never seen anything of the sort and that's why it mostly puts a smile on my face.