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The FOUR's Mondaine Collection FW 12/13

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You could say 'Three' is the magic number for the Hungarian trio Anett GálvölgyiAnna Zsófia Kormos and Márton Miovác who are the young designers behind the relatively new brand The FOUR. These two young women and young man, joined forces whilst attending the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, and I'm glad they did! whilst peering over their enticing well styled look-book.

the FOUR new collection, Mondaine, incorporates the idea of travel and globalism, cosmopolitan, reconstructed identity

Photography – Balázs Máté Styling – Andi Gönczy Make-up – Ágnes Horváth Hair – Márton Miovác  Models – Julia at VM, Adrienn at FACE

The rich thick fabrics with rich patterns and embroideries seem to be inspired by African and Asian textiles. If I could, I would snap up every outerwear from this collection, a 100 x times faster than the above travelling escalator. I will see you later escalator . . .

Maryam Keyhani AW 2012

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Maryam Keyhani’s necklaces are self-titled works of art, No, the Tehran-born, Toronto-raised designer was a painter first, brushing her feathered flights of fancy onto the canvas necks of imaginary women. Soon, like Pygmalion, she fell in love with her creations and wanted to give them life; to make them real.

Stunning statement pieces, I'd happily own these. The curved lines, colour's and materials look fantabulous.

G-Dragon One Of A Kind MV : Versatile Style Guises

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I usually don't pander to the mahatmas of the fashion music or film heavyweights on here, unless I'm really compelled to! (it's not for disliking them, but I guess I feel I don't want to regurgitate popular culture infinitely) I do make an exception for G-Dragon, maybe because some of the folks in the west are not yet acquainted with him, or maybe I just need any excuse, since I'm an aficionado of South Korean bands ' Big Bang' & 2NE1.    

G-Dragon dons many various style guises in this MV, a certified style chameleon, who's not afraid to experiment. Most of the attire are from the menswear collections, as well a few pieces from the womens-wear collection, inspiring men and women alike all over the globe.  

― Have a good weekend ! 

Suntantoos - temporary suntan tattoo

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I am some what, a creature of change with style clothes and hair, this is why I made a conscious decision to not have a tattoo as I know after a while I would begin to dislike it or become indifferent to it, which would really be hellacious since tattoos are pretty permanent. I enjoy using henna tattoos for an occasion but have never come across a suntan tattoo before, up until now.  

SunTanToos are temporary tantoosyou get while tanning at the beach. But these are no ordinary "tanning bed" stickers, but large, custom tantoos you can design.

London-based artist-designer Dariusz Boron recently put up a funding campaign on Indiegogo for SunTanToos. Offering printed body decorations in the nature of decalcomania; paper patches to block the sun and create patterns on the skin, creating the look like the above. Would you try a Suntantoo ? 

*DIED* world lookbook - Sunglasses

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Concealing the eyes of the curious or you're shielding the suns rays or - you just wanna accessorize like a Poco loco en el coco! There's no shortage of styles of sunglasses to conquer this summer with, but low and behold I come across these 5 by 5 spectacles of art from Dutch label

DIED * lookbook. My buzz was short-lived as these sunglasses are not part of the collection.

It's pretty impossible to find these sunnies bland, even if they would maximise poor vision and heighten kookyness.


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GROUND-ZERO was established in 2003 by the young and talented brothers acting like a duo : Eri and Philip Chu. Each collection is like a new experiment to which no rules apply. Like a physicist GROUND-ZERO believes that each and every garment represents a mix of elements. The unique graphic print has become a signature. Merging creativity with craftsmanship, each of the two brothers is combining his fortes to give a strong direction to GROUND-ZERO. “Zero could be everything” – GROUND-ZERO will not limit itself to being just a fashion brand. It can be diverged into anything, from graphic arts, music, video, art installation and more. The possibilities of GROUND-ZERO are endless.

Up until now I've been oblivious of the Chu brothers, Eri and Philip. This FW 12/13 collection looks rad and fresh with creative graphics prints and studs to exhibit expression and statements. These brothers don't seem afraid to challenge the norms, just how I like it! I dig the whimsical illustrations on the images they blend celestially together providing the attitude and concept behind these garments.