Link Love : June

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I'm toting some link love ablution to this Monday, after savoring the weekend's clay court tennis action as a spectator, I can't play tennis to save my life, but I do like a good game of Wii Tennis, howbeit the Wii console has been gathering dust for yonks.. How was your weekend folks ? The aforesaid link love is my perfect alibi to continually dragoon my web window shopping. Add them to your bookmarks if you fancy. 

Female First

With the Nordic touch, fuses female fire, working together with Second Female

Just Female. Has a variety of minimalistic edgy looks with clean lines as well as fluxing commercial modern designs and adopting emerging trends. Free shipping to Europe as-well as Scandinavia is a huge bonus.   


Returning to Scandinavia, Weekday launched their online shop this year making it accessible at just the click of a mouse, offering brands such as Cheap Monday, BACK, Christophe Lemaire, Örjan Andersson, etc, and Weekday’s own brands like Mtwtfss WeekdayWeekday Vintage. Every collection has a slight different feel with a prevalent youthful edge, but also keeping a classic, minimalism and simplicity of Scandinavian know-how. The prices are another bounty bonus.

Evan Evina

dandy Aussie independent store with fashion apparel, accessories & jewelry inspired by the runway & the street wear. Edgy fast fashion at it's finest. Keep an eye out on Evan-Evian Instagram for new stock and re-stock updates! 

Oliver Store

Returning to the web-land of Oz, Oliver Store came up on my radar just a few weeks ago and I'm mightily enticed over their unique accessories, particularly dig the bags and funky visors.

OLIVER originated from designer, Sheree Oliver’s vision to turn a simple outfit into something different and unique. Distinctive elements, including clear plastics, synthetic hair and studs, with bursts of neon and striking contrasts, forms the OLIVER aesthetic.OLIVER’s innovative designs push the boundaries of fashion and function and her clutches create contrast and a touch of the unexpected, to perfectly complete every outfit.


Kelnarchy is a cool beans bigcartel store, hitting up edgy street-wear accessories inspired by the runway. Based in the U.K has affordable prices for unique items and over 100 GBP you get free shipping worldwide. The transparent clear and holographic items are the bee's knee's.     

 Let's start the week off right!!!

Review: The Gob Stopper

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Click ‘N’ Mix allows you to fill a traditionally stylish Kilner jar full of the retro sweets you love and get them delivered straight to you.

Pick 'n' mix in my bloom days was like a wonderful bag of tricks, back when penny pick and mix sweets were actually closer to costing pennies, but now I don't have to save pocket money for a week, no more. Yet scouting around I rarely see family run independent businesses who are thriving amongst the big chain supermarkets, displaying their beloved glass sweet jars.

Courtesy of The Gob Stopper I tried the Click ‘N’ Mix, which is an online pick n mix, catering towards your nostalgic sweets buds but you also get to keep the beloved Kilner glass jar too with the delightful nifty clip top. I got to choose three or more specific types of sweet from the long list of favourites and they arrived in a couple of days packaged neatly and securely. 

I chose my faves White Chocolate Mice.. Icy Chocolate Cups Black Jacks. Opening the jar unleashed the classic retro sweet aroma. My jar is sat in the study and it looks so nice that I almost didn't want to eat the sweets, but that didn't last long! I think it makes for a thoughtful gift sending a jar of memories, from a family run business, rekindling our love affair with retro sweets. 

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! What is your favorite sweets in a pick and mix ?

Link Love : June

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I'm lightly powdering some link love to this Monday's post Oscars hangover dregs. I tried to keep awake in the early hours of the morning to view the award ceremony, but conked out once Christoph Waltz deservedly won best supporting actor. Okay so in the same pith, here's the link love nominations for the week, add them to your bookmarks if you fancy. 

Young Hungry Free

Iscrewedyourboyfriend was Young Hungry Free before re-branding, like it's new name the store has bursting forth youthful edgy and contemporary style's and is one of many dandy Singapore eshops! 

Front Row Shop

My favorite of the bunch founded by Designer Ying Wu, most of the items available are directly

inspired by the runway and international trends but are further edgier than your average high street. The prices are another bounty bonus. Fast fashion at your finest from the city of Shanghai.     

Anti Anti

Anti-Anti are the official online huckster of handcrafted brands like FALSE, Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome, Black Metal Fixed, For King & Country, Satinism and Anti-Anti. Le Messie and Amanda Scully are the creative brainchild's of FALSE, the successful brand that brought the birth to all the other brands creating a independent fashion free market anarchism, as well as rad designs.  Much kudos to them for being one of the first that wanted to break down, high fascists fashionistas and social bourgeois, before many who have began to take on similar endeavors.

Brandslane unites all the newsletters emails from hundreds of fashion brands and share's the best of it on their website daily. Creating a nifty resource to discover deals on brands instead of individually signing up to emails and monotonously opening them up one by one. Time is inestimable. I have a gazette full of bookmark links - it's gargantuan to share them all in the installment of Link Love, so eventually I've decided, I have to create a mini tome, maybe a pdf file for all the delightful global online stores & resources, maybe for my own sanity, once done I'll be sure to share them with you here. Let's start the week off right!

Ask her friends Review

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Buying a gift for someone special should be one of the most natural things in the world, right? So why when we try to get something for our wife, girlfriend, sister, friend or mum is it such a struggle - with countless hours of searching, browsing and agonising? 

How often have you heard this? '

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus', I usually never buy into this Mars vs Venus notion, but can't help, but feel sorry for the opposite sex, when it comes to gift buying for those special occasions, that is, until NOW! . . Ask her friends is a unique gift-giving experience aimed largely at clueless males, and of course anyone could make use of this nifty service now, not just the men. 

Courtesy of Ask Her Friends I was given the opportunity to review the site and find a suitable gift for a friend at no charge. I found if you use the nifty idea map, it is super helpful,

1. select the person 2. select the budget 3. select their interests, which goes on to recommend several products that should suit the person you are gifting. Here is what I chose :


The advise list is my FAVOURITE : pick items which you think would work and then ask her/his friends via the button, for a yay or a nay, pretty foolproof.  - The Rotary Apple Peeler via Labour and Wait was the WINNER! Since my friend loves to bake!  

I've always been curious to see how a rotary apple functions! and the gift was a big hit ! I now look forward to tasting an indelible supply of Apple Turnovers!! Yes Guilty!! my secret ulterior motive to giving this gift :) Forget dropping hints so big, just drop Ask her friends on them!   

Baker Days: Letterbox Cake Review

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Small enough to slip through a letterbox, but large enough to celebrate the big occasions 

I buy all my greeting cards online and prefer to personalise them, and send them directly to the recipient, without having to leave the house. But I've often wondered ' wouldn't it be great if you could slip a cake through a letterbox like you can with a card!? ' without leaving the house, it could be a perfect remedy for last minute gift/cake buying?! Turns out Baker Days have done just that! Yay!  

Courtesy of Baker Days I was sent the letterbox cake that I personalised via the online store options, the cake had arrived through the letterbox, my postman, decided to attach the small sturdy A5 box with a pile of letters with an elastic band. Here I began to think the cake could arrive a little roughhoused, but my fear was completely unfounded. The cake arrived, well packaged in a pretty stripey tin, along with some fun party goodies seen above.  

I chose the all congratulations perfect evening cake, with Madeira sponge, once I sampled the cake it tasted lovely light and moist, beneath the not too sweet and sickly icing, better than most store buy products, it is large enough to serve 3-4 people at a push.

Above all, I am impressed with the surprise factor this gift would bring. No one in their right mind would assume a personalised cake along with balloons, candles, card and tooter could arrive through the letterbox along with their letter bills and correspondence.... until now! I give my hyena howl of approval :) 

{ Price – Low to High } Style Nanda + Wasteland + Storets

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On-line store gazing, sorting out results by Price – Low to High, essentially supposed to save hours of time , though in essence becomes rather addictive gobbling up my few free hours, I'm convinced there's a web time vortex, web-browser mouse track-pad at the ready and you're ... locked in - the web vortex travelling a millisecond quicker!

The store Style Nanda has always been one of my faves, has plenty of Rad items and styling, even when at times I am not buying anything, I love to stop by and grab a dose of the stylish girls of StyleNanda. The hologram sunglasses at Wasteland, look like they would be badassical to don, when in a cheeky mood. Storets are always good value for me having a mosey through their sale items. There's the occasional item inspired by high fashion designs, with the likes of Burberry Prorsum inspired outwear to Jimmy Choo inspired sneakers.