Storage Space

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There's NEVER enough storage space, particularly with the amount of square footage we get here in the U.K. So storage is usually visible to our eyes and I've been meaning to get a new laundry bag and have a little spruce up in Spring. H&M always has some nifty home-ware at good prices, after all H&M, is now the second BIGGEST fashion retailer in the world.

My Aussie cousin will be thrilled to hear the news, that the Swedish giant’s are making their first foray Down Under. The Australian fashion retail scene is getting mixed up this year with recent pioneers such as GAP, Zara and Topshop setting up shops in Sydney and Melbourne. The latter has also recently set up a flagship in New York, following the opening of the H&M in Times Square. 

Perhaps MORE interesting than this though –  is these well-known Western high street brands entering into the formerly closed off markets of India and China. H&M has announced it will be opening its first shop in India this year. This blog has previously displayed an enthusiasm for Asian Street Style, finding that when things get banal on the cat walks of Europe and the States, a little Eastern flavor heats up the scene.

It's great to hear such brands are becoming more accessible worldwide, but in a selfish manner I feel every country will begin to have identical mass products, which would propel me to explore more independent stores, where you would feel you are retaining some individual characteristics, whether it maybe through style of clothes, art or home-ware. I have to admit though, I wasn't complaining when Forever 21 ventured into the U.K!

If keen to catch the best of H&M and Topshop as they continue to strut across the globe, you can visit http:/ to check out the latest discounts and deals on offer.