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Do you by any chance recognize the above header ? it was a long. . . while back now, this was my very first blog header. I must have gone through countless of fonts and a cargo full of shades of color. after gazillion attempts i felt the above was the least cumbrous of ones darnedest attempts. i did. . and still use Photoshop in a self taught manner, with a experimental trial and error method, I've always had very little patience, to Google Photoshop tutorials, i never seem to retain the new techniques on Photoshop. i wanted to take a little hop down blogger memory lane, before I chat about my pending blog design re-vamp.

The last blog revamp was over a year ago, I was so very nearly tempted to go for the look above, but in the end I opted to change it for a lighter color scheme that i have today. I am never completely satisfied with my blog makeovers, do you ever feel the same way ? I was nearly enticed to order a customized template, but i would have felt defeated had I not coded and designed the blog myself, it would have also felt a tad impersonal. 

Logo Designs

Older Logo Designs - I have a whole slew of early logos sketches clogging up my computer, most, that I'm glad never saw the light of day, but for some reason I can't get myself to send them to the rubbish bin because those early sketches brings nostalgia, and hopefully the rawness of the images can still provide some sort of stimulus for future designs. I may create an online poll/vote on here to help me pick the next Guilty Hyena logo.

So what next ? I had initially planned to continue my blog posts right through August whilst simultaneously tinkering around with the blog revamp, but my HTML is a little rusty. I hope to atone for the lack of posting in September, which I have penciled in as my blog re-vamp deadline, eeek!

September is always a busy month, the wait for new season pieces are finally over, blame New York Fashion Week, followed by London, Milan, and Paris. I'm on a pants for women crusade, autumn/fall is around the corner and I'm addicted to peg leg pants, joggers and trousers. I'm looking forward to blogging about new season pieces.

Hope to get my blog mojo back on in September!

Cross and Ring Metal hardware Bag

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I may need to dissuade my frivolous needs to buy another handbag. Handbags are THE prime reason why I'm always misplacing my items, the crane that is my hand is always rummaging and transferring Purse ; Debit Cards : ID : Keys : Phone and Makeup etc to another handbag that compliments my mood, outfit and whim on the day.

Lickety-split forthwith — I lusted over the cross and ring metal hardware clasp on this bag, it slightly reminded me of the Givenchy Obsedia bag with the cross and ring clasp WITHOUT it being a fraction of the cost. 

I discovered it at my fave online store 11st, a reputable Korean marketplace where there's literally thousands and thousands of items, you will need patience but Boy does it pay off!! because there are so many gems to discover and the price is much CHEAPER than what you may get at Romwe , Choies , Sheinside or Oasap.

Sports Luxe Shoe Wedge

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My aching feet and paws usually drag across floors, making toilsome work of it. I think most of you would agree that the trainer/sneaker wedges have been a manna from heaven to the feet. I DESIRED the sneaker wedge equivalent for the summer, to team them up with sport chic outfits including luxe sweatshirts, varsity tee's, loose jersey trousers, shorts and skirts. After yonks squandered surfing aimlessly through my usual online jaunts.. I stumbled across the ideal pair and bought them in black. I'm now opting to buy them in WHITE as they are super comfy to schlepp around in.  


Perforated items have been on my radar

Sporty Sneaker Sandal Wedge - 11st

Study Space-Saver

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I made a schedule I made a plan, to wave high those feather dusters and paint rollers to squeeze in a little late spring cleaning. I vowed that all household clutter be banned. I've had enough of the paint fumes and magnolia and moved on to the attic and study, which is filled to the brim with unwanted and unused CD's and DVD's from way back to my early teens. Once I decided to rummage through the CD's, a mini karaoke session transpired, minus the mic and some muddled lyrics, there was plenty of nostalgia going back to those good old days, but I can't use all these CD's as tea coasters...particularly since I don't drink tea!

Music Magpie - Trade in your CD's and DVD's 

I'm hoping my junk is someones else's treasure.. but listing each CD on eBay is a pain in the butt and car boot sales generate little profit! so I was gonna drop them all off at my local charity shop where I've handed my old bike yesterday. Then it occurred to me that I could sell stuff for cash elsewhere and Music Magpie seemed the most convenient to me. They could take my Cd's and DVDs off my hands immediately and I know I'll get a little spending money in return. 

I scanned the bar-code of my DVDs and CD's for a price valuation with my phone and found they wanted largely music albums which suited me fine since I had far too many. Feels pretty liberating once it was done, a space-saver, Sending your items to Music Magpie is free. You can either use free-post labels or arrange for a courier to collect them for free. 

Whilst I was on the verge of sending my CD's and DVD's to Music Magpie, irony would have it I received an email from Music Magpie for a sponsored post. Which killed 2 birds with one stone, but not a Magpie! I hope to use the cash to: wait for a new can of paint! yup, another 3 rooms to go including the skirting boards..good times! 

Review: The Gob Stopper

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Click ‘N’ Mix allows you to fill a traditionally stylish Kilner jar full of the retro sweets you love and get them delivered straight to you.

Pick 'n' mix in my bloom days was like a wonderful bag of tricks, back when penny pick and mix sweets were actually closer to costing pennies, but now I don't have to save pocket money for a week, no more. Yet scouting around I rarely see family run independent businesses who are thriving amongst the big chain supermarkets, displaying their beloved glass sweet jars.

Courtesy of The Gob Stopper I tried the Click ‘N’ Mix, which is an online pick n mix, catering towards your nostalgic sweets buds but you also get to keep the beloved Kilner glass jar too with the delightful nifty clip top. I got to choose three or more specific types of sweet from the long list of favourites and they arrived in a couple of days packaged neatly and securely. 

I chose my faves White Chocolate Mice.. Icy Chocolate Cups Black Jacks. Opening the jar unleashed the classic retro sweet aroma. My jar is sat in the study and it looks so nice that I almost didn't want to eat the sweets, but that didn't last long! I think it makes for a thoughtful gift sending a jar of memories, from a family run business, rekindling our love affair with retro sweets. 

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! What is your favorite sweets in a pick and mix ?

{ DIY } Fentimans Candle Holder

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I've been drinking up a storm, not the alcohol kind .. just yet! BUT the Fentiman's botanically brewed beverages, I do love a good fizzy drink and you can't beat these fine ol' naturally flavored beverages, they come in delightful old style clear glass bottles, with a screw top lid with delightful vintage packaging. So I decided to use these bottles to create a DIY bottle candle holder

I had to shave some of the wax off the bottom of the candles, since the candles I had stored, were a tad little thick to insert into the bottle top. In the end a super easy homemade DIY, that will be placed somewhere as a decorative centerpiece. :)

My final post before plump and jolly Saint Nicholas pays a visit ! 

"Happy Holidays to all, and to all much love and good-night!" X