Cross and Ring Metal hardware Bag

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I may need to dissuade my frivolous needs to buy another handbag. Handbags are THE prime reason why I'm always misplacing my items, the crane that is my hand is always rummaging and transferring Purse ; Debit Cards : ID : Keys : Phone and Makeup etc to another handbag that compliments my mood, outfit and whim on the day.

Lickety-split forthwith — I lusted over the cross and ring metal hardware clasp on this bag, it slightly reminded me of the Givenchy Obsedia bag with the cross and ring clasp WITHOUT it being a fraction of the cost. 

I discovered it at my fave online store 11st, a reputable Korean marketplace where there's literally thousands and thousands of items, you will need patience but Boy does it pay off!! because there are so many gems to discover and the price is much CHEAPER than what you may get at Romwe , Choies , Sheinside or Oasap.

Michael Kors – Leather Collection

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Michael Kors is a name synonymous with women’s designer watches. A MK watch is one know for its styles, design and excellence. I am sure many women out there will have pondered about a Michael Kors watch at some point, of course those who have them in their possession will be donning them on the wrists and staring dotingly at theirs right now. 

The latest range of MK watches sees a fresh look – leather. The usual bracelet style has been swapped for a leather strap and some summery colours to go with the new look too. The new collection from this high end designer is ideal for the summer season and offers a different style for those who aren’t a fan of the usual chunky bracelet strap, often seen on MK watches. 

For a peek at the stylish Michael Kors Leather collection, check out the below timepieces.

So do you like the new style of Michael Kors watches? Do you think you will be treating yourself to one? These new looks are ideal for summer style and will look perfect with any summery outfits you are planning to wear this season.

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Sports Luxe Shoe Wedge

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My aching feet and paws usually drag across floors, making toilsome work of it. I think most of you would agree that the trainer/sneaker wedges have been a manna from heaven to the feet. I DESIRED the sneaker wedge equivalent for the summer, to team them up with sport chic outfits including luxe sweatshirts, varsity tee's, loose jersey trousers, shorts and skirts. After yonks squandered surfing aimlessly through my usual online jaunts.. I stumbled across the ideal pair and bought them in black. I'm now opting to buy them in WHITE as they are super comfy to schlepp around in.  


Perforated items have been on my radar

Sporty Sneaker Sandal Wedge - 11st

Snapshots No.14 : Neon + Transparent + Holographic

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A Sunday morning snapshot of items I've been eyeing up this past week, I had just missed out on the sold out neon transparent sandals above, they're a steal for the price. Nasty gal currently have a tasty bunch of Lucite shoes, but I feel more safer and comfortable donning flat-form perspex heel shoes, than a thin perspex wedge heel, like the 

MARGIELA H&M invisible wedge. I've got Summer accessories on my mind, but a waste of endeavor Summers in England for the past few years have been wet and cold, it's a pure mood killer. I prefer going overseas in Autumn or Winter to avoid the cold for a a few weeks but jeeeeez, I'm tempted to do the same for the Summer too! I actually find it tough going in the heat, but it has to beat the absence of sun and vitamin D ☀

Snapshots No.13 : Neoprene + Scuba

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Life moves on in its neoprene road, albeit I'm rewinding back to the moment when my sister and I, owned matching neoprene black biker jackets with silver striped arms during high school. There was nothing back then anything remotely like these jackets, I haven't a clue what an earth possessed us to buy them, I think I should ACCUSE my mum who paid for them, but yeah! we wore them from time to time..but note not on the same day! 

It never occurred to me that these jackets were made out of neoprene material. Never did I fathom the sort of fabrics I wore, the terminology alone would be like a dull science lesson, I'm still apathetic today with textile fashion terminology.  But I was partially aware....I THINK! the jacket had a scuba diving look & feel to it.

Alas, never was it worn once again after entering College at 16. Hmmm I'm sorta nostalgic & disappointed that we got rid of them, though I don't recall when and how, but in hindsight it was probably a blessing. ~ I'm pinky promising, I will don the neoprene once again !