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Tasty Things No 5

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Row 1 :

classic white peach watch by AÃRK Collective a new watch company based in Melbourne, Australia

original disposable flask set of three at restoration hardware

Row 2 :

vintage cameo beanie by silver spoon attire

Pebble Erasers by megawing over at omoi zakka shop

Row 3 :

metal plate crossbody bag by topshop

snug-vase low by snug online

Row 4 :

immortalises some of your favorite tees t-frame t shirt display at umbra

5 ways to hack the rice krispie treat (no baking required) by brit + co


It has been Yonks since I've posted a Tasty Things, Have a Happeee Friday folks. . .make the best of it and prepare for weekend however you wish to spend it! I'll be doing zilch, just how I want it to be! the couch is calling me after a DIY week.

Review: Chocolate by Genevie

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Blighting my harbingers of spring, as it's began to snow once again, I guess it's expected, after-all it is February, the month where chocolates are also very much desired. I don't know about you..but I crave them whenever the opportunity calls for it. So was thrilled to review the valentines box from Chocolate by Genevie. I wasn't sure I'd be in to receive the package, but what was super, that these chocolates are letterbox friendly!

I welcome little cocoa cabins through the letterbox any-day! I liked the variety of chocolate that came in the valentine decorated box, had my fave's with truffles, pralines and pistachio. All the flavors complimented each other well, whilst I was in my chocolate fun maze. I would personally go for the classy black satin box with a heart shaped window outer packaging. I have to say I'm not a fan of the commercial side of Valentines Day, but Chocolate by Genevie are a small family business and I'm all for championing smaller, local businesses who are dedicated to creating a more personal & warm touch whilst sourcing and supplying chocolate that is second to none, that is one of the advantages of not buying store brought, as well as knowing your other half put some thought in buying you chocolates.

Holiday Snowflakes

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Snow Train 1

Buy Eco Friendly Christmas Tree by One Two Tree 

Create DIY Topiary Trees from pretty paper & wine glasses by Madigan Made

Snow Train 2

Giant DIY Christmas Tree Space saver by Curbly

The Whisky Advent Calendar with individual drams of delicious whisky at Firebox

Snow Train 3

Horrible Holiday Hooligans, a set of troublemaking ornaments on a Christmas Tree by Sebastian Reymers at Etsy

Free Printable Rudolph Holiday Card by Little Monster Baby

Snow Train 4

Holiday Nails at Wonder Forest by 2012 China Glaze Holiday Joy collection buy at Nail Polish Direct

: ( Giving Ebeneezer Scrooge a run for his money!! Reindeer Pâté at Harvey Nichols


I would feel absolutely cruel to taste the Reindeer Pâté! But that's slightly hypocritical of me since I'm not a vegetarian, I eat Turkey, Chicken and Duck at Christmas. This post was supposed to provide me with a festive feeling... but here I am, pondering my carnivore ways. I do try to eat free range when I can afford it ..but who am I kidding! 

Baker Days: Letterbox Cake Review

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Small enough to slip through a letterbox, but large enough to celebrate the big occasions 

I buy all my greeting cards online and prefer to personalise them, and send them directly to the recipient, without having to leave the house. But I've often wondered ' wouldn't it be great if you could slip a cake through a letterbox like you can with a card!? ' without leaving the house, it could be a perfect remedy for last minute gift/cake buying?! Turns out Baker Days have done just that! Yay!  

Courtesy of Baker Days I was sent the letterbox cake that I personalised via the online store options, the cake had arrived through the letterbox, my postman, decided to attach the small sturdy A5 box with a pile of letters with an elastic band. Here I began to think the cake could arrive a little roughhoused, but my fear was completely unfounded. The cake arrived, well packaged in a pretty stripey tin, along with some fun party goodies seen above.  

I chose the all congratulations perfect evening cake, with Madeira sponge, once I sampled the cake it tasted lovely light and moist, beneath the not too sweet and sickly icing, better than most store buy products, it is large enough to serve 3-4 people at a push.

Above all, I am impressed with the surprise factor this gift would bring. No one in their right mind would assume a personalised cake along with balloons, candles, card and tooter could arrive through the letterbox along with their letter bills and correspondence.... until now! I give my hyena howl of approval :) 

Summer nights film festival

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Have you been to any outdoor film festivals and concerts this summer ?

Summer has just been passing me by, jam packed sport events have kept me rooted to my seat -: Euro's football, Wimbledon, Olympic games and the appalling British summer weather, has hindered any sort of alfresco dining and entertainment. Last Friday my sisters and I gathered a picnic hamper, a few nibbles, a cider or two, blankets and camping chairs and off we went to the summer night film screening at Calke Abbey country estate as luck would have it, it didn't rain! the film 'the woman in black' commenced as soon as the light had faded sufficiently, the parkland under the stars looked a visual treat. 

My best outdoor experiences have not always been related to the food I've eaten, usually the location and company are the most important things, but great food obviously makes the experience better. 

What fun cultural things have you been squeezing in this summer?

Wouldn't you love to create something like the above in your very own backyard!?