Thursday Playlist : Exhale

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Happppy last day of January, everyone! 

Holy smokes that went by fast! even with having the sniffles & snow fall here in the U.K. All better now... and ready to take on February with some new song tracks. I have a movie marathon month ahead of me to catch up on Oscar-nominated films, so far I've managed to see Django Unchained & Argo, both movies were pretty decent, particularly the actor named Christopher Waltz who's equally engaging to watch, like he was in Inglorious Basterds. 

The film work usually captivates me more so, than who is wearing who on the Oscars red carpet, though Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week just went by and I couldn't help but envision which one-of-a-kind pieces would look stunning for the film awards season and premieres.  –  

so how was your January folks ? 

I claim no responsibility should you go deaf ; )


01 Jakwob  – Fade feat. Maiday

02 MFBTY  – Sweet Dream

03 MS MR  – Fantasy

04 Bastille – Pompeii

05 Misun – Harlot

06 Leah LaBelle – Lolita

07 Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge – White Noise

08 Cee-Lo Green feat. Lauriana Mae – Only You

09 The Neighbourhood – A Little Death

10 Lion Babe - Treat me like fire


Music Monday : October Fall Preys

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Let's get moving! on Monday after a little hiatus (life has been busy!) Let's take on this week like WARRIORS!!


01  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Starting Over

02  Kodaline - All I Want

03  ZZ Ward - Blue Eyes Blind

04  The Black Keys & RZA - The Baddest Man Alive

05  The Dream - Higher

06  Timeflies Tuesday - Taylor

07  Mary J Blige ft Dupri - Everyday People

08  Art of Sleeping - Above The Water

09  Chords - The Dude

10  Ace Reporter - Untouched and Arrived


G-Dragon One Of A Kind MV : Versatile Style Guises

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I usually don't pander to the mahatmas of the fashion music or film heavyweights on here, unless I'm really compelled to! (it's not for disliking them, but I guess I feel I don't want to regurgitate popular culture infinitely) I do make an exception for G-Dragon, maybe because some of the folks in the west are not yet acquainted with him, or maybe I just need any excuse, since I'm an aficionado of South Korean bands ' Big Bang' & 2NE1.    

G-Dragon dons many various style guises in this MV, a certified style chameleon, who's not afraid to experiment. Most of the attire are from the menswear collections, as well a few pieces from the womens-wear collection, inspiring men and women alike all over the globe.  

― Have a good weekend ! 


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○ G-DRAGON One Of A Kind

Singer songwriter producer G-Dragon combines de novo style, charisma, showmanship, and the ability to mark the essence of his prowess as a performer in this much anticipated music video. The “ helloooo “ is echoing in my head. This Korean Hip-Hop track is just the intro to G-Dragon's latest new album, propelling a flurry to what more could be in store. 

○ lupe fiasco 

I have to profess I am a super LAZY lyric listener, usually the beat and melody grabs my attention first, yet I'm swayed to listen to Lupe's lyrics as he spits something meaningful over pop-esque, BUT I've never got round to having a good proper listen! The above track " Battle Scars " has a sumptuous shout-a-long chorus by Guy Sebastian creating a terrific ear-worm.

Lupe Fiasco’s intention was to start a dialogue with this conscious track , the conversation about girls self identifying as “bad bitches”.  I really appreciate this song, a vivid story teller and It doesn’t get much simpler than the chorus.

How do you feel about the term "a Bad Bitch?" 

Everyone has their own definition when it comes to the word “BITCH” I know it can also be used as a term of endearment between women as in “That’s My BITCH.” Can women use and reclaim the word “bitch” or “bad bitch” as an empowerment tool ? 

○ PSY Gangnam Style

PSY has entertained the masses in Korea for over a decade, I've heard his live concerts are boss! Glad to see this MV has gone viral and the invisible horse dance is just PSY all over.  

Music Monday : Olympic Games 2012

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I think I'm in danger of succumbing to an Olympic overload, that was pretty much all I watched this weekend. I was speed gazing through 25 TV Olympic channels provided by the BBC, it is overwhelming to say the least, the unease started to creep in whether I overlooked an event or missed team GB and other favorite nations. I think this overwhelmed me more-so than the actual opening ceremony, even with the likes of Mr Bean, James Bond, Mary Poppins and 'you know who' making an appearance.

My Olympic OCD has since subsided just a tad! work eating showering netflix and walks to the park have taken care of it. Sharing a mix of uplifting tracks along with a genre of hiphop, indie and classic soundtracks.  


01 First Steps - Elbow 

02 Heart of Courage - Two Steps From Hell

03 Hall of Fame - The Script ft 

04 The Champ is Here - Jadakiss 

05 Moving Mountains - Two Steps From Hell

06 It's My Life - Bon Jovi 

07 The Fighter ft Ryan Tedder - Gym Class Heroes 

08 Time - Hans Zimmer

09 Hoppipolla - Sigur Rós

10 Pursuit of Glory - Jhameel Blue Satellite Mix 

11 Huddle Formation - The Go Team

12 Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

13 The Winner is - Devotchka

14 Winner - Justin Timberlake ft TI 

15 We are the people - Empire of the Sun


Last week I was admittedly surprised to see this little blog featured on a list by IFB, titled

Olympic Fever: 18 UK Blogs With Serious Style I very much appreciated the mention. Thank You ! this hyena was then able to hold up her tail and forward over the back, signalling animation!   

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend whether action packed or kicking back ?!

2NE1 Dara dons Undercut Hair style

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I've done a sundry of things with my hair good & bad but an undercut has never been one of them, I've always wanted to do it! so I encouraged my sister to do it instead since I felt it would suit her better, she has softer features than I have! The outcome.. was RAD! I love her hair.  Hmm maybe I'll share a pic of her haircut on here.  

On topic, the transformational lady above Dara of 2NE1 happens to have a new hair cut too for their new upcoming album, the teaser photo of Dara's undercut looks super edgy and gorgeous, along with the tasty matching gold accessories which look versace like. I'm looking forward to zeroing in on 2NE1's new album performance and style.