The FOUR's Mondaine Collection FW 12/13

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You could say 'Three' is the magic number for the Hungarian trio Anett GálvölgyiAnna Zsófia Kormos and Márton Miovác who are the young designers behind the relatively new brand The FOUR. These two young women and young man, joined forces whilst attending the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, and I'm glad they did! whilst peering over their enticing well styled look-book.

the FOUR new collection, Mondaine, incorporates the idea of travel and globalism, cosmopolitan, reconstructed identity

Photography – Balázs Máté Styling – Andi Gönczy Make-up – Ágnes Horváth Hair – Márton Miovác  Models – Julia at VM, Adrienn at FACE

The rich thick fabrics with rich patterns and embroideries seem to be inspired by African and Asian textiles. If I could, I would snap up every outerwear from this collection, a 100 x times faster than the above travelling escalator. I will see you later escalator . . .

Moodboard 02 Cachepot

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This Monday morning was a complete haze, I blame my lucid dreaming and my families voyages abroad. I searched all day for my birth certificate but to no avail, typical! You can never find it when you need it, but its always there when you don't. Tonight I'm going to do nothing else but have some lemongrass tea and catch up on my two favorite shows - Boardwalk Empire & Breaking Bad.  Next week I'm grabbing Monday by the ponytail. 

{ Editorial } Interview Magazine Hanging Tough August 2012

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I've not shared an editorial on here for yonks! so it is apt that this editorial exhibits plenty of crossbody bags adorned around the nape as statement pieces, because I've been on the search for an additional crossbody bag ― besides the Valentino crossbag I acquired from Italy at a decent discount, though since last week I have misplaced it eek! fingers crossed it's at home somewhere. 

Monika Sawicka styled by Sarah Ellison and photographed by Robbie Fimmano for Interview Magazine August 2012.

Link Love : Would You Rather ?

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Which would you rather ? My answers are a borrower.. an alligator tail.. and the last one is hard to choose!? 

Would you rather is a pretty simple game, where I think we've all played it one time or another during our fruitful teen years! Most likely we played it for our own amusement or just out of sheer boredom especially if it was during a double maths lesson.

From a curious perspective I wonder if we can deduce a persons personality or rationale through their answers, even if they're make believe scenarios !? The witty part can come afterwards when discussing the trivial answers and why we came to that conclusion, or is that a tad too geeky of me ? 

So anyhow it made me smile when I came across the whom creates fun colourful illustrations characterising the would you rather scenarios. Go check it out!

How would you answer the above ? ?  Enjoy your weekend folkss!

2NE1 Dara dons Undercut Hair style

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I've done a sundry of things with my hair good & bad but an undercut has never been one of them, I've always wanted to do it! so I encouraged my sister to do it instead since I felt it would suit her better, she has softer features than I have! The outcome.. was RAD! I love her hair.  Hmm maybe I'll share a pic of her haircut on here.  

On topic, the transformational lady above Dara of 2NE1 happens to have a new hair cut too for their new upcoming album, the teaser photo of Dara's undercut looks super edgy and gorgeous, along with the tasty matching gold accessories which look versace like. I'm looking forward to zeroing in on 2NE1's new album performance and style. 


Braided Triad Color Hair

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This prominent Korean singer named Junsu, is donning a rad creative individual hair style for his MV ' Talantallegra' with a triad of vibrant colors from blue blond to plum, beyond these tasty confectionery colours is a bounteous braid swept to the van-ward side. He certainly rounds off the look by adding a soft purple coloured eyebrows. See some more colorific eyebrows here.

Kudos to his creative hair stylist and make-up artist.