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It's been long overdue since I last updated a list of E shops, this installment of Link Love is staying right here in the U.K  - Why? because all four web-shops are based in the U.K. I'm always on the look see for new and undiscovered on-line stores, sometimes it's preferable if the stores are U.K based saving me mintage on the delivery costs.  


The name of the store is Yayer for hells yes! for it's eclectic mix of vintage and modern pieces. There items sell out extremely quick, they currently have free shipping until midnight. I'd make the most of it!


Rock N Rose a British vintage inspired jewellery brand. Pretty impressed with the design and quality of their product, they usually keep up to date with the latest edgy styles. 

Rock ‘N Rose was officially established in the North East in 2007. Today, the girls spend their time visiting vintage shops and working out of their Yarm studio - where they design, source and rework by hand with a small team of amazing girls.


An independent big cartel store ran by Josie, providing rad hand finished friendship bracelets, from frenemies spiked bracelet to a friend crush embellished bracelet. Proving that friendship bracelets aren't just for kids any-more.


Labels stocked at this Brit boutique come from all across the globe, including Mawi, Leviticus, Erin Wasson and Bjorg to name but a few, also featuring an original and unusual selection of young and established designers and designs from the UK. 

Link Love: Three Floor Fashion

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This installment of link love is sent to Central Saint Martins graduate Han Chong, he is the mind behind the affordable, stylish Three Floor There's a super range of edgy individual womenswear with surprisingly reasonable prices all under the £150 mark, it's rare to see a graduate of Central Saint Martins emerge with a debut line that is both affordable which does not compromise on design or quality. I'm not sure quite how I managed to miss out on Three Floor Fashion until now.

Launched in November 2011, THREE FLOOR is a new online fashion brand breaking the mould for affordable design. Showcasing a cleverly seductive style ...

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This installment of LINK LOVE is sent Singapore's way - Why? because all three web-shops are based in Singapore and ship internationally. I immediately added these web stores to my bookmark way back and I wanted to now share them with YOU. I use to wish, I lived in the same geographical locations where all the new snappy stores were, but now it matter's to a less degree as the shipping costs are super cheapo.  Oneway or another the grass always seems greener. 

This online boutique leans to the edgy stylish up-to-the-minute items that are influenced by music and the underground scene of subcultures. I mostly delight in the jewellery that's available on here chains crucifixes skulls beads metal and rocks, and check it out for yourself there super priced in Singapore dollars in turn making it most worthwhile in sterling pound. I still haven't got round to bombarding this shop when payday arrives.    


The name of the store is rubbish, but that's okay as the word seems to be cheekily reclaimed here!   Contemporary chic feminine fashion wear and high end inspired items, are reflected in some of the apparel, footwear and handbags. Always worth visiting to see it's latest updates to pre-order before they run out! 


Fit's the bill for the average young adult's income and style, offer's a fashion forward varied range that allows customers to find their own personal style, at the right price. This is a potential treasure trove, indulge in the idea of finding bags, accessories and footwear to complete your look. You have to snap up the items fast to avoid disappointment,


Scoping the web page's Singapore Squealing, Spending Happy, Rewarding Shopping.... 

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Have you ever fell in love with a fashion item that you saw someone wearing in the street, with an accessory in a magazine, or with tasty looking shoes on a fashion blog? It happens to all of us; we get inspired, we absolutely want it. Now, you have a way to get your hands on the fashion items you love! 

WHERE TO GET IT You can now ask the Where to get it community to help you find the fashion items you love, plus it helps you find cheaper alternatives!!

Beyonce wearing Laruicci earrings and claw rings in her new music video "Run the World (Girl)" Earrings Retail: $275. Rings, Retail: $78 (each). Beyonce and Laruicci provided stunning visuals, B has been known to use this jewelery label in the past and it's nice to see she remains a loyal customer. 

LARUICCIComprised of tempting and glamorous necklaces, extravagant rings, and “try me if you dare” bangles and earrings.

A very stylish cool website started by the artist, Jeana Sohn, that features creative beautiful women sharing their closets and natural habitat. Who doesn't love peaking inside stylish peoples homes? Quenches the interior designers appetite.  

CLOSET VISIT Visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets. Stylists, artists and bloggers artfully intimately lay bare. [Kick ass L.A haunts]

Sunglasses | Feather Headdress - Bitching & Junkfood

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Putting on sunglasses, at times is like putting on a brave face! they hide a multiple of sins, as well of course protecting you from the sun and making a style statement. So personally it's always a drag! that I can't find the right fitting shades for my face. The size of my head is quite small, hats and head wear is an issue too! Nevertheless I wont stop until I find the perfect fit and crowning finish. The feather headdress would be a gem for the festival season!  To see more beat on the bubble at Bitching and Junkfood