{Shoes} Creepers Return

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I think you may have noticed many different versions of creepers have been popping up everywhere, Tokyo itself has been donning it's creepers, ever since I could remember! But I'm stoked that creepers have returned back to there original home in mainstream England where the brothel creepers found their origins in the years following World War II.


You feeling like a Punk Rockabilly, Are some of them too daring to wear!?


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My favorite immensely stylish and put-together food + fashion blog, Luxirare, remains as highly inventive as ever, the mysterious Ji Kim perpetually takes impossible ideas and makes them real, here is another insanely super creation for which the shoes she had brought from Etsy became over-worn and ergo decided to give them a new makeover.  To see all the steps from Beginning to End go here.

Zalando Shoe Review

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Have you heard of the online store Zalando? Well neither did I .. until a month ago when I received a certain email kindly offering the chance to pick an item from a store called Zalando. Shoes were numero uno on my list and Zalando has more than plenty of them, I was surprised to see they stock my fave Jeffrey Campbell and the likes of sigerson morrisonunited nudeSurface to AirDr Martins etc but whom am I kidding I can't afford them this month and the month after, so I was content to see they stock high street ranges as well as the off-beat brands, which always seems to peek my interest. Ultimately the platform Sandals below were the stealer.   

I like any online store that can provide a Free Delivery and Free Returns service and Zalando does so Kudos to them, so no matter what happens you only ever pay the amount that is stated on the website, I love this, as I like to try things on before I commit. My delivery took 4 days, I felt it is suffice since it's free postage. 

 Platform Sandals - brown

These were, one of the few platform styled heels I can muster to walk in, because I'm anything but ladylike whilst walking in agonizing shoes. I’ll take solace in the fact that balance is not my strong point.

Miu Miu's new Sneaker Shoes Fall Winter 11-12

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Miu Miu launches it new sneaker (or as us Brits say trainer) ,it's a new addition to the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011 collection. I could imagine painting the roads golden whilst wearing these sparkling shoes, that look like they've been tipped with the purest of purest gold and silver embellishments gems, metal studs and glitter, spun of shiny gold and silver threads. Made of materials such as patent leather, arabesque lamé and velvet. Coming in all various colors available soon at Miu Miu online this August. 

Kermit Tesoro Pony Skull

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The name 'Kermit' keeps popping up on my tiny watchtower - but it's not of the friendly frog muppet kind! More so a Filipino fashion designer & artist named - Kermit Tesoro, whom in fillipino language could be described as a little 'Krung Krung' with his visionary designs and inspiration.

The aesthetics exhibited from his works reflect's a championing of technology and unconventional materials and inclinations towards art science religion and childhood fascinations. These shoes have smack-dab evoked my attraction to pony hair. I highly recommend that you check out his other latest FW 11 clothing collection here  

Coinciding facts I came across whilst writing this post  - 1. Kermit, a given name of Irish origin meaning "without envy or jealousy".