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Good Matcha Morning

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Have a cuppa tea - my ultimate comfort drink! I don't drink caffeine so my go-to in the morning, noon & night is some herbal tea and mostly, Matcha green tea, as it doesn't provide any caffeine jitters. I try to enjoy it sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp, but like a plonker I have a habit of letting it go cold!

The first cup always moistens my lips and throat and doesn't hurt the Matcha green tea above is from Kiss me organics via AmazonI do prefer this powder form rather than the tea bags I used to have eons ago, coutesy of brandbacker. 

I saw some green tea waffle's and I got to bake me some! - First I'm going to drink it in it's purest form freshly brewed with water.     


My first post this 2015, and gracious sakes it's been loooong overdue, I hope to post more on a regular basis and here's hoping for a more health-giving 2015. 

I missed the blogosphere, my last post was in August 2014, and I hope I don't miss the boat on the next post and become a cast away once more, adrift in a timeless perennial daydream.  

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ancient ritual steeped in pure symbolism: drink in the stillness

Announcing the Re-Launch of The Guilty Hyena

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Its here!

My new blog design has been finally launched! Excited to share with you a new improved 'The Guilty Hyena' it has been a long wait! I have missed blogging, but once I get a pang for change, I'm usually lead astray by my fertile harebrained impulses. 

What prompted the change ?

The platform Blogger had been good to me for many years but I felt I wanted to explore a new space where I could experiment and form new layouts and designs, something that could help reflect my ideas in a better mien. 

Welcome Old and New Readers

I havent forgotten you, even though it seems like yonks ago.

What can you expect ?

Shitloads! I'm kidding, regular postings will be a good start! 

Summer 2014 

I hope Summer 14 has been treating you well ? I was spending alot of my free time watching the World Cup and Wimbledon, a few BBQ's here and there and a few investment buys for the Summer, such as a new sewing machine, suitable for the novice that I am, I hope I put it to some good use and it doesn't just sit there gathering dust. znu3c8j2scd

Tasty Things No.9 : V Day

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Row 1 :

a scary valentines day app by Re:Beat Rebtel send your digital heartbeat to someone dear

a holiday better than valentine's day international random acts of kindness week is February 10-16, 2014. at Rak Week

Row 2 :

unifies the needs of both the romantics and the cynics worlds first florist selling roses as black as a krakens rum ink by Miss Cakehead the pop-up florist open for one day only - the 14th February, Kingley Court, just off Carnaby Street.

valentines day cards that awkwardly say I love you by Emily Mcdowell 

Tasty Things No.8 : Halloween

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Row 1 :

backyard cinema apocalypse at Camden Lock market on 31st October - 1st November - 2nd November

wooden skull with secret compartment at acneJR

Row 2 :

 pomegranate tangerine lollipop by lollyphile

zombie survival guide deck over at firebox


Row 3 :

china glaze monsters ball limited edition halloween 2013

charlotte olympia halloween limited edition collection

Row 4 :

wouldn't be a bloggers diy without some dip dye ombre pumpkins at lizmarieblog

special effects legend makeup designer rick baker in collaboration with MAC


I hope your Halloween doesn't suck like a vampire !! 

Tasty Things No.7 : Wimbledon

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For the game of lawn tennis there’s no better symbol than Wimbledon, I was super buzzed about 2013's Grand Slam and what it would entail. Note, I follow tennis all year round but it's that tad more special when it's a home slam.

It's safe to say that so far Wimbledon has been nothing short of surprises, I'm an affable supporter of Rafa Nadal, and it was a huge blow to see him out at the 1st round and along the way many top seeds have been knocked out, which personally, diminishes my excitement but nevertheless I'm rooting for Andy Murray. If you're not into the tennis malarkey? ... patisseries, finger sandwiches and strawberries, served with tea or champagne, will get you into the spirit !!

Row 1 :

Blue Tennis Dress Dots at Need Supply by Dusen Dusen

Tennis Ball DIY Holder at Apartment Therapy

Row 2 :

circa 1960, used on tennis courts Numbers Note Pad / Journal by vintage scraps at


Wimbledon Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester Hotel

Row 3 :

Tennis Racket Mirror by Snug Interiors

Herschel Settlement Tennis Racket Print Backpack at  Glass Boutique

Row 4 :

Lola's Wimbledon tennis cupcakes

White nails ideal for Wimbledon

Tasty Things No.6 : Easter Eggs

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I hope everyone has a Good Friday + a Happeee Easter holidays ..make the best of it however you wish to spend it!! It seems very strange saying “Happy Easter” when the snow here keeps falling but can't complain, you won't believe how grateful I am for these free couple of days.Hot cross buns day!!! the Orange and Belgium chocolate hot cross buns are a must!

In case you're wondering what the colorful Easter egg on the right is for ? It is part of an Easter Egg hunt, you can solve the clues and hunt down these eggs to win a week’s break from

Park Resorts! gooood luck! 

Row 1 :

Chalkboard Easter Eggs at the red thread blog

Lumiere Chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik

Row 2 :

to spread a little Easter cheer a cute chic shoot by made by stupid

temporary tattoo eggs at country living

Row 3 :

a series of logos for Easter by Luma Vine Creative at Behance 

American art Gothic parody from freaking news

Row 4 :

Easter eggsibition at Dudes Factory ( Thurs 21st April ) from Behance 

Geometric rabbit ring from down that little lane