Good Matcha Morning

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Have a cuppa tea - my ultimate comfort drink! I don't drink caffeine so my go-to in the morning, noon & night is some herbal tea and mostly, Matcha green tea, as it doesn't provide any caffeine jitters. I try to enjoy it sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp, but like a plonker I have a habit of letting it go cold!

The first cup always moistens my lips and throat and doesn't hurt the Matcha green tea above is from Kiss me organics via AmazonI do prefer this powder form rather than the tea bags I used to have eons ago, coutesy of brandbacker. 

I saw some green tea waffle's and I got to bake me some! - First I'm going to drink it in it's purest form freshly brewed with water.     


My first post this 2015, and gracious sakes it's been loooong overdue, I hope to post more on a regular basis and here's hoping for a more health-giving 2015. 

I missed the blogosphere, my last post was in August 2014, and I hope I don't miss the boat on the next post and become a cast away once more, adrift in a timeless perennial daydream.  

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ancient ritual steeped in pure symbolism: drink in the stillness