Announcing the Re-Launch of The Guilty Hyena

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Its here!

My new blog design has been finally launched! Excited to share with you a new improved 'The Guilty Hyena' it has been a long wait! I have missed blogging, but once I get a pang for change, I'm usually lead astray by my fertile harebrained impulses. 

What prompted the change ?

The platform Blogger had been good to me for many years but I felt I wanted to explore a new space where I could experiment and form new layouts and designs, something that could help reflect my ideas in a better mien. 

Welcome Old and New Readers

I havent forgotten you, even though it seems like yonks ago.

What can you expect ?

Shitloads! I'm kidding, regular postings will be a good start! 

Summer 2014 

I hope Summer 14 has been treating you well ? I was spending alot of my free time watching the World Cup and Wimbledon, a few BBQ's here and there and a few investment buys for the Summer, such as a new sewing machine, suitable for the novice that I am, I hope I put it to some good use and it doesn't just sit there gathering dust. znu3c8j2scd