Hypotheticalim Dilemma

ShoppingGuilty Hyena4 Comments

I have a fetish for white hues, particularly since we have hit the spring summer season. This Optic White Mini Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel would hit the bulls-eye! I do my utmost best to limit big designer handbag purchases, I do prefer to scout for new under the radar smaller branded bags, but like many I'm also compelled and seduced by prominent designers, like the above. 

Phillip Lim has also chosen a floral print on a black background design, for those who prefer this over the classic hues and textures, the black background it's just neutral enough that you can get away with wearing it with everything. I'm also still crushing over this Phillip Lim transformable vest. Post in collaboration with Avenue 32.

The hypothetical dilemma, acquire the beautiful bag ? or save it for a holiday?