Sochi Games Snow Web Surfing

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I'm hiding behind my Nexus tablet with a sheepish snarl. In the spirit of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, I decided to hit the snow slopes, MY VERY FIRST TIME. I'm woeful at ice skating, I'm usually holding on to the side-rails for dear life, but I was completely hooked watching the half pipe snowboarding at the Sochi Games.

I was compelled to give snowboarding a try. I wasn't expecting any miracles but instead of the half-pipe life, it quickly turned into a hard knock life! my balance and posture was all over the place! It didn't take long for me to swiftly take off the snowboard and do what I do best. . . Surf the Web ! instead of Surf the Snow. I'm a avid spectator of most sports so catching up with live sports scores are a must! Liverpool FC were having another entertaining match at Anfield. I made it home just back in time to watch the fireworks of the Olympic Games closing ceremony.  

WorkBlog or PLAY, I pretty much never go without my portable office, consisting of

+ Nexus Tablet  ( Google Maps, Email, Websurf, Twitter, Phonecalls, Camera and Music etc apps )

+ Headphones 

+ Roku Player ( Streams pretty much anything on the big screen for entertainment purposes )

+ Laptop ( Photoshop , Illustrator and Blogging ) 

I'm known to take the tablet with me everywhere, even whilst I'm having a soak in the bath, I think there is a term for my condition, it is called (IAD) Internet addiction disorder, it makes commuting on trains and buses a less of a chore. I try avoid lugging my laptop around, but it's a must for my use of Photoshop and Illustrator.