Tokyo Street Style No.7

Street StyleGuilty Hyena7 Comments

Whenever I'm void of inspiration and imagination , Asian street style never fails to buoy my impulses. It has been Yonks since I've last hatched together an Asian street style post. Tokyo Yabai ~ !!

Clear mirrored sunglasses with matching colored earrings + 80's inspired hat and shoes.

B & W structured dress + white tassel necklace - complemented with the backdrop

Work like overalls industrial numbered stencil on pockets + mini bowtie + green & transparent clutch

 Sport chic + polka dots + pearls dig the little bag clipped to the waist

Funky adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Leopard Tail Sneakers

Black + Red Combo

Retro Ghost-busters Tee - I WANT one !!

 B & W outfit - Balmain shirt + mirrored sunglasses + hat

Denim on denim + Frida Kahlo Tee

Photo's courtesy of  DropTokyo + RidSnap