Review: The Gob Stopper

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Click ‘N’ Mix allows you to fill a traditionally stylish Kilner jar full of the retro sweets you love and get them delivered straight to you.

Pick 'n' mix in my bloom days was like a wonderful bag of tricks, back when penny pick and mix sweets were actually closer to costing pennies, but now I don't have to save pocket money for a week, no more. Yet scouting around I rarely see family run independent businesses who are thriving amongst the big chain supermarkets, displaying their beloved glass sweet jars.

Courtesy of The Gob Stopper I tried the Click ‘N’ Mix, which is an online pick n mix, catering towards your nostalgic sweets buds but you also get to keep the beloved Kilner glass jar too with the delightful nifty clip top. I got to choose three or more specific types of sweet from the long list of favourites and they arrived in a couple of days packaged neatly and securely. 

I chose my faves White Chocolate Mice.. Icy Chocolate Cups Black Jacks. Opening the jar unleashed the classic retro sweet aroma. My jar is sat in the study and it looks so nice that I almost didn't want to eat the sweets, but that didn't last long! I think it makes for a thoughtful gift sending a jar of memories, from a family run business, rekindling our love affair with retro sweets. 

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! What is your favorite sweets in a pick and mix ?