Link Love : June

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I'm lightly powdering some link love to this Monday's post Oscars hangover dregs. I tried to keep awake in the early hours of the morning to view the award ceremony, but conked out once Christoph Waltz deservedly won best supporting actor. Okay so in the same pith, here's the link love nominations for the week, add them to your bookmarks if you fancy. 

Young Hungry Free

Iscrewedyourboyfriend was Young Hungry Free before re-branding, like it's new name the store has bursting forth youthful edgy and contemporary style's and is one of many dandy Singapore eshops! 

Front Row Shop

My favorite of the bunch founded by Designer Ying Wu, most of the items available are directly

inspired by the runway and international trends but are further edgier than your average high street. The prices are another bounty bonus. Fast fashion at your finest from the city of Shanghai.     

Anti Anti

Anti-Anti are the official online huckster of handcrafted brands like FALSE, Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome, Black Metal Fixed, For King & Country, Satinism and Anti-Anti. Le Messie and Amanda Scully are the creative brainchild's of FALSE, the successful brand that brought the birth to all the other brands creating a independent fashion free market anarchism, as well as rad designs.  Much kudos to them for being one of the first that wanted to break down, high fascists fashionistas and social bourgeois, before many who have began to take on similar endeavors.

Brandslane unites all the newsletters emails from hundreds of fashion brands and share's the best of it on their website daily. Creating a nifty resource to discover deals on brands instead of individually signing up to emails and monotonously opening them up one by one. Time is inestimable. I have a gazette full of bookmark links - it's gargantuan to share them all in the installment of Link Love, so eventually I've decided, I have to create a mini tome, maybe a pdf file for all the delightful global online stores & resources, maybe for my own sanity, once done I'll be sure to share them with you here. Let's start the week off right!