Ask her friends Review

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Buying a gift for someone special should be one of the most natural things in the world, right? So why when we try to get something for our wife, girlfriend, sister, friend or mum is it such a struggle - with countless hours of searching, browsing and agonising? 

How often have you heard this? '

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus', I usually never buy into this Mars vs Venus notion, but can't help, but feel sorry for the opposite sex, when it comes to gift buying for those special occasions, that is, until NOW! . . Ask her friends is a unique gift-giving experience aimed largely at clueless males, and of course anyone could make use of this nifty service now, not just the men. 

Courtesy of Ask Her Friends I was given the opportunity to review the site and find a suitable gift for a friend at no charge. I found if you use the nifty idea map, it is super helpful,

1. select the person 2. select the budget 3. select their interests, which goes on to recommend several products that should suit the person you are gifting. Here is what I chose :


The advise list is my FAVOURITE : pick items which you think would work and then ask her/his friends via the button, for a yay or a nay, pretty foolproof.  - The Rotary Apple Peeler via Labour and Wait was the WINNER! Since my friend loves to bake!  

I've always been curious to see how a rotary apple functions! and the gift was a big hit ! I now look forward to tasting an indelible supply of Apple Turnovers!! Yes Guilty!! my secret ulterior motive to giving this gift :) Forget dropping hints so big, just drop Ask her friends on them!