G-Dragon One Of A Kind MV : Versatile Style Guises

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I usually don't pander to the mahatmas of the fashion music or film heavyweights on here, unless I'm really compelled to! (it's not for disliking them, but I guess I feel I don't want to regurgitate popular culture infinitely) I do make an exception for G-Dragon, maybe because some of the folks in the west are not yet acquainted with him, or maybe I just need any excuse, since I'm an aficionado of South Korean bands ' Big Bang' & 2NE1.    

G-Dragon dons many various style guises in this MV, a certified style chameleon, who's not afraid to experiment. Most of the attire are from the menswear collections, as well a few pieces from the womens-wear collection, inspiring men and women alike all over the globe.  

― Have a good weekend !