H & H Nail adornments

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Holly & Hannah Metal Nails

I have never worn fake nails, my many friends are fake nail aholics, and spend an awful lot of money, but I would make the exception for these beautiful and extreme pieces of metal art... of course only for a occasion that warrants for it. I couldn't use these nails on my cell phone or run these nails through my hair Ouch !! 

The nails have a very raw, organic feel using elements such as thorns, leaves, thistle, wood and stems in their designs. Some designs feature intricate designs of spider webs and animal skulls, which have been hand carved in wax. These designs are daring statement pieces appealing to performance artists and fashionistas and have a creative feel.

Holly & Hannah is a collaboration of jewellery and make-up for the avant garde performance artist. But artists are no longer the only people that are sporting these amazing looks, taking nail art to the next level. These would also stop you biting your fingernails. Also, launching later this year are bejewelled bindis and face pieces. 

Thierry Mugler Runway

Behind the scenes of Thierry Mugler in Paris creating a buzz at the show. A set of stunning, to die for nails is going to set you back between £250 and £500. They really do look all sorts of amazing on the models against the make up and collection.

I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them, but I also think now the concept is out there, we'll see affordable versions coming too.