Ciaté introduces Caviar Manicure

BeautyGuilty Hyena16 Comments

I remember my first experience with caviar was much like Tom Hanks in the movie Big, I was really appalled the first time I tasted it. Though I like to think of myself as quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and discovering a new favourite. . .so consequently caviar doesn't tickle my taste-buds but would Ciaté caviar tantalize my lips and nails!?  I'm sure they look stellar on the cover of a magazine shoot but gotta feeling those tiny beads are going to start shedding pretty fast .. but looks good fun.

There's a waiting list if you want to create these 3-dimensional nails at £18 a pop. Or you could try the same look for less D.I.Y alternative at thepolishaholic .