Tokyo Walk Way No. 3

Street StyleGuilty Hyena15 Comments


The people of Tokyo as per natural been mining it's taste in Savour Faire Fashion, as always I am enamoured with Asian habiliment. Fuyuri in the first photo wears a funkdafied dress with a plush print and the hue of gold accompanied with gold statement jewellery, captured in the neighbouring Shinjuku Tokyo area. Fashion Icon DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, keeping faithful to her love of Joyrich, KTZ and Jeremey Scott and her fashion brand GIZA. The Zip Chain necklace in the fourth photo, projects the outfit combined with the cut-out top and mesh leggings. Excizzorating 80's New York punk, is there anything more thrilling than donning new wave colours like in the fourth photo!?!

A bottle of Coca-Cola + Mini Mouse not forgetting the spiky shoes with asymmetrical red strip and side spun hat, on the subject of hat's and head wear, the guy below seems to have either created or donned on a lopping blue and red thrilling hair piece attached with a mini bell accompanied with a matching colour braided Alice band and aviators, I have never seen anything of the sort and that's why it mostly puts a smile on my face.