Tiny Tribute to Alexander McQueen

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It's still very sad, to think of Alexander McQueen's tragic demise, but I wanted to share with you all my white and gold Alexander McQueen coat I purchased back in 2004 during my uni days. This is still currently one of my favourite items in my wardrobe today. (Although I still need to wear it more often!) Slap on the wrist time It has this detailing in a gold piping and small eyelets with strings conjoining the top bodice and bottom bodice together, with a showing of scattering pieces of lace strings.

I thought I'll take a few snap shots of my muse Jou Jou Hyena wearing the coat, note it is probably more of a closer fit to myself, due to being slightly bigger than on my sister, and I thought I'll team the coat up with some new white wedges I requested from a friend of mine from Tokyo.